How do I upload my Immunization Record Form and supporting documents to the Patient Portal?

Log Into Portal

Visit: You will be directed to the log in page operated by InCommon. You will need your George Mason University Net ID (user ID) and patriot password. Select “George Mason University” as your school.

To Upload Documents:

Step 1: Scan and save your documents individually to your computer or take a picture. This is completed outside of the patient portal using your scanner software or smart phone. If you are uploading multiple documents, you will need to scan/take a picture and save each document as a separate file.

  • Images must be .png, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif. Documents must be .txt or .pdf.
  • Files must be smaller than 4 MB. Scan in black and white, or at a setting of 150 DPI to get a smaller file.
  • Do not include any special characters in the file name.

Step 2: Select “Upload”. Choose the document you are uploading in the “Choose document you are uploading” drop down menu.

Step 3: Click on “Select File”, and locate the file on your computer or smart phone.

Step 4: Click on the Upload button. The document will be listed below, as a confirmation that the document was added to the queue. If you made a mistake you may delete the file by clicking on the “X” at the end of the document name which is listed next to the Change box.

All the documents you have chosen to upload will appear below the Documents already on file section as a confirmation they were successfully uploaded. You can log back into the portal within 48 business hours after successful upload to check your record status.