Medical Record Management

Medical Record Management

Your medical records are strictly confidential. Medical records are kept for 6 years. Patient records will no longer be available for download/request after 6 years from last activity per regulations of the Library of Virginia.

To request a copy of your medical record from Student Health Services, you will need to complete and submit the Release of Health Records FROM Mason form and you may be asked to show proper identification. The Privacy Rule requires a covered entity/healthcare provider to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of an individual making a request for access.

Students requesting medical records should allow up to 30 business days processing time. A fee is charged for medical records processing of records greater than 5 pages.

How to obtain your Mason Immunization Record

There is no fee for students to obtain their immunization record.

Log into the online Health Services Patient Portal to view and print your Mason immunization record. Get instructions here.

Students can also fill out and submit the Release of Health Records FROM Mason form to obtain their immunization record.

If you experience issues accessing the patient portal, try to print again at a different time or use a different web browser. If the issue continues, fill out the Release form and report the issue using our web form.

Release Forms

Release of Health Records FROM Mason

If you are requesting your medical record from Mason Student Health Services for yourself, or to go to an outside provider or individual.

Submission Instructions
1. Fill out form.
2. Submit form to Student Health Services. You may drop off, mail, or fax the form. Details are on the form.
3. Authorized representatives will need to provide photo identification and legal authority documentation.

Request for Release of Records TO Mason

For an outside provider or individual to send your medical records to Mason Student Health services.

Submission Instructions
1. Fill out form.
2. Submit form to your healthcare provider or facility. Alternatively, submit the form to Student Health by drop off, mail, or fax to send to the facility.

An authorized representative is a person the patient has chosen to act on their behalf. Some authorized representatives may have legal authority to act on the behalf of the patient.

Health care power of attorney (POA), health care surrogates, parents and legal guardians of unemancipated minors, and court appointed legal guardians are examples of legal authority.

For detailed information, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website regarding ‘personal representative’.