Chronic Health Concerns

When you have a chronic medical disease, it is important to be connected to medical care. Having regular follow-ups with a health provider can keep you healthy and in classes or other activities during this important part of your life!

Chronic medical disease is a condition lasting longer than 3 months. Examples can include diabetes, asthma, or epilepsy.

If you are new to Mason or have not been to Student Health Services before, call to schedule a “new patient consultation” appointment to meet with a healthcare provider so we can get to know you!

New Symptoms or Ongoing Health Concerns

If you are experiencing new symptoms or have symptoms that are occurring regularly, schedule an appointment to talk with a healthcare provider. You can have your concerns addressed and the provider can discuss a plan of care with you.

Understanding more about your health, and doing your part to take care of it, can help you better manage health challenges.

Initial Consultation Appointment

  • It is free to meet and speak with one of our healthcare providers at Student Health! There will only be a cost if we do a procedure, lab test, or treatment.
  • We will enter your current medical information into a confidential health record.
  • If you come back during your time here at Mason, we will have more background information to help you.
  • We will be able to put your doctor/specialists’ information into your health record. With your permission, we can contact them if necessary.
  • If needed, we can help connect you with a local specialist.
  • We can answer questions about services we provide and how we can help support you during your time at Mason.

Helpful things to bring to your appointment

  • Names of your current doctors, including specialists, and contact phone numbers
  • Summary of your medical history from your health care provider
  • List of your current medications
  • Medication and food allergy list
  • Recent lab reports or radiology imaging reports
  • Health insurance card (if you have one)