five members of the feedback committee

SHAB’s main goal is to serve George Mason University students by ensuring that all measures are in place to provide quality healthcare. In order to be a voice for students, we need your feedback! Let us know about your experiences using the health services on campus. Our Feedback Committee, run by Jessica Morris, will be gathering information from students throughout the year.


Four members of the Communication Committee

The Student Health Advisory Board values keeping George Mason University students informed! To ensure students are taking advantage of all the health services Mason provides and are aware of upcoming events, the SHAB utilizes various platforms.  Our Communications Committee, led by Lily Mackenzie, will be at the forefront of reaching out to students throughout the year! Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter page (@GMUSHAB) and Instagram (GMU_SHAB).


The SHAB will be planning events throughout the year to promote awareness of health services on campus. Our Events Committee, run by Bridget Major, will be working hard to reach out to students with exciting events!

Executive Board

6 members of e-board

The Student Health Advisory Board executive board includes:
  • Rasheda Elsamahi, President
  • Juliette Liegey, Vice President
  • Jessica Morris, Director of Feedback
  • Ellen Gurung, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Bridget Major, Director of Programs
  • Lily Mackenzie, Director of Communications