Transgender Health

Students who identify as transgender, non-binary, genderqueer or gender non-conforming are a diverse group – and include people of different races, ethnicities, and social groups. It is important for all students to maintain good health. If you have questions or concerns about your health, call Student Health Services (703-993-2831).

Student Health Services works to provide an open and inclusive atmosphere that respects our students’ identities. Staff strive to use open-ended questions and gender-inclusive language during visits to help students feel comfortable sharing personal information. We encourage students to talk openly with their healthcare provider so they can provide more directed care.

Our healthcare providers can evaluate, diagnose, and provide treatment for a variety of health concerns – from illness and injury to routine healthcare. Regular health exams are important for all students, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender, sexual orientation or whether a person is sexually active. Visit our services webpage for more information about healthcare at Student Health.

We can also provide referrals to healthcare providers and specialists in the community.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

Student Health Services protects students’ privacy and confidentiality. Staff will not share information about adult patients with any other person unless you have given consent.

Chosen Name and Pronouns

Student Health Services staff will use a student’s chosen name and pronouns. A student’s legal name will also appear on health records if different.

Updating Patriot Web

Students can update their chosen name, pronouns, and gender identity in Patriot Web. For details, visit the Registrar’s Office website. Most systems update nightly, but not all.

If you have updated this information, chosen name will appear in the Student Health Services electronic health record system.

Updating Patient Portal

Students can indicate their chosen name, pronouns, and gender directly to Student Health using the online Patient Portal. Log in, click the blue button with YOUR NAME, and select “Edit Your Profile” Link. When finished, click Save.

If you have updated this information, pronouns and additional information will appear in the Student Health Services system. Updating this information will only update your health record at Student Health Services, not any other system.

Hormone Therapy and Administration

A person may choose to utilize hormone replacement therapy so that their body more fully matches their gender. Hormone therapy is often started under the care of a primary care physician or an endocrinologist.

Students receiving hormone therapy can get their injections at Student Health by appointment. There is a fee for this service. Staff can help students learn to self-administer. Students can schedule an appointment for lab testing at Student Health if they have a lab order from their healthcare provider. There are fees for lab testing.

Gender Affirming Care Initial Appointment at Student Health Services

Students can call (703-993-2831) to schedule an appointment to discuss gender affirming care, including hormone therapy. Initial appointments are scheduled in-person at the Fairfax Clinic on Tuesday mornings. Appointments last about 1 hour and there is no cost for this visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Put used syringes or needles in a strong, rigid, plastic container (such as a specific sharp container or plastic laundry detergent container).

When it is ¾ full, seal the container, and place it in the trash. Do not recycle it.

Never place your hand into the container with sharps.

To learn more, visit your local waste disposal website or

Insurance coverage and benefits are specific to each individual planTo get information about your personal coverage benefits, call the member services phone number listed on your insurance card to ask about coverage for the specific services you need. 

Yes, restrooms within Student Health clinics are for all patients.