Student Health Advisory Board

The purpose of SHAB is to establish a channel through which students can voice concerns and needs through to faculty and administration. The Student Health Advisory Board is a vessel, aiming to create better communication between healthcare providers and students at George Mason University. The ultimate goal is to find the most effective way to administer health care that fits the needs of the GMU student population.

The four main offices that SHAB stays in contact with are Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, Office of Disability Services, and Student Support and Advocacy Center. There are the main hubs of health care, but there are other offices, such as the Immunization clinic or community partners that we reach out to for additional health information and event planning.

The Student Health Advisory Board accepts applications from both undergraduate and graduate students at the end every semester for members to join the following semester! Our process will be be continuing with rolling applications through the fall – apply here




Counseling and Psychological Services

When registering to use services at CAPS, the first appointment will be an intake appointment with a clinician of approximately 15 minutes. This is a mandatory screening to see what program will be the best fit for you! The appointment will consist of confidential questions that you may not wish to answer in public, so it will be best to schedule around a time where you are in a more private environment (i.e. dorm). If over-the-phone is not convenient, a face-to-face appointment can be arranged. Clinical services are provided at Fairfax, Arlington and Sci-tech campus.

See more about the intake appointment here.

While CAPS is a more short-term service on-campus, by no means is there a cap per semester on the number of appointments; however, the number of visits you have with a clinician will be at their discretion. If there is a recommendation of longer-term care needed, it will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Outside providers close to campus with affordable pricing information will always be available.

More information here.

CAPS provides individual and group counseling, workshops, and community education programs to students, faculty, and staff.

For more information about group therapy and workshops click here.

Disability Services

Disability Services provides an array of services (i.e. academic, meal plan, housing, deaf/hard of hearing, testing center, etc). An intake process will have to be completed prior to accommodations that will be used to efficiently provide the accommodations that suit your needs best that the office is able to provide.
See more about the intake process here.

Temporary accommodations needed for temporary health or incapacitation can be accommodated for through DS as well.

Please schedule an appointment with DS staff to get more information.

Mason Housing policy requires that ESAs are approved as an accommodation through DS. Find more information on housing accommodations for an ESA here.

Click here to check out the housing policy on service animals.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides health care for students, including diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, immunizations and lab testing, and discussions of health concerns. Appointments with SHS are free for all Mason students.

See more about SHS here

Directions for submission are listed on the Immunization Record Form. The immunizations office is located in Student Union Building I (SUB I), Rooms 2347 & 2348.

See more about immunizations here.

Domestic Students
No – SHS does not bill services to insurance companies. It is recommended that you first contact your health insurance company. Let them know that you will be a student at George Mason University and check that you will be covered in the Northern Virginia area. You may also want to contact your insurance provider to locate local doctors who accept your insurance.

You might also age-off your parent’s insurance while at Mason. If you are covered by your parent’s policy, please review it carefully to make certain you are still eligible for coverage throughout your college years.
See more here about aging-off your parent’s insurance while in college here.

International Students
International students (F-1/J-1 visa), who want to keep their insurance plan, should carefully read all insurance waiver criteria. Your insurance plan must meet all the requirements and you must submit your waiver by the waiver deadline. If you meet all the requirements, you can fill out the online waiver application to have it be considered for a waiver.  If you are not sure your insurance plan meets the waiver criteria, contact the Insurance Office (703)-993-2827 or (703)-993-7634.

Note: All waiver applications will be audited. Student Health Services reserves the right to make final waiver decisions.

Student Support and Advocacy Center

SSAC is a confidential office not mandated under Title IX to report.

See more information here.

There are many ways to get involved within the Student Support and Advocacy center, which includes becoming a peer health educator, a peer advocate or an intern.

Find more ways to get involved here.