Qualifying Life Event/Late Enrollment

When enrolling in the Mason health insurance plan, a student must be enrolled in the plan by the final open enrollment deadline unless the student experiences a significant life change or qualifying event that directly affects their insurance coverage.

A request to enroll after the final enrollment deadline must be made within 31 days of the qualifying life event. If you experience a significant life change that affects your insurance coverage, contact the Insurance Office.

Eligible students who lose insurance coverage may enroll within 31 days of the last day covered under their previous plan (for example, if you age off your parent’s plan). Students must contact the Insurance Office about completing necessary enrollment forms if this life event occurs outside of an open enrollment period.

International students whose dependents arrive in the United States after the enrollment deadline and wish to be added to the Mason plan must contact the Insurance Office and enroll in the plan within 31 days of the dependent’s arrival in the United States.

Insurance Plan Common Terms: Definition of Qualifying Event