Health and Well-Being Promotion

Hello, Patriots! My name is Stephanie Funkhouser (she/her), the Health and Well-Being Coordinator at Student Health Services. My role is dedicated to advancing health and well-being on campus.

As a two-time alum of George Mason, earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and my Master of Public Health, I am thrilled to be promoting health and well-being at the university that taught me what I know. Throughout my professional career, I have intentionally worked to combine experiences from the field of nursing and the field of public health to develop holistic and equitable health programming. As a health educator, I am deeply committed to enhancing health literacy and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their health. I look forward to connecting with you!

Stephanie Funkhouser, Health and Well-Being Coordinator

Workshops and Presentations

Workshops are available to all members of the Mason student community. Make a request for student groups, classes, and residence halls. Sessions provide information on aspects of health and well-being relevant to college students. Submit the Health Program Request Form to request a program or contact the Health & Well-Being Coordinator. To request a program on a topic not listed, describe your request in the form.


Breathe Easy: The physiology of stress

Learn how stress affects the body and the importance of stress management. Learn breathing and other simple techniques to help de-stress.

For the Health of It: Health Insurance 101

Health insurance can often seem like a daunting matter, filled with jargon. Understand health insurance basics, define common terms, and explore options.

Intro to Student Health Services

Basic overview of clinic services and offices

Not so risky business: sexual health education

Get empowered to make safe and healthy decisions about sexual health. Discuss safer sex practices, STI and unintended pregnancy risk, and resources.

Health Program Request Form

Submit at least one week prior to your proposed event date. Submitting earlier is preferred. The Health & Well-Being Coordinator will respond within 2-3 business days.