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Student Health Insurance

George Mason University makes health insurance available to eligible students through Aetna Student Health. The Student Health Insurance Plan has been developed especially for Mason students, however, individual students might benefit from other policies. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries locally and when you travel either domestically or abroad and is accepted by many local healthcare providers. The student health insurance plan is structured to meet federal mandates set forth by the Affordable Care Act.

Once a student graduates, if enrolled in the plan, the student is still covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan for the remainder of the policy year.

All currently enrolled Mason students can receive services at Student Health Services clinics. Student Health Services is available to you because you are a Mason student, not because you have the student insurance plan.

Vision Plan

The vision plan is included in the student health insurance plan purchase. No separate purchase or enrollment is necessary.

Dental Insurance Plan

Domestic & international students can enroll online through the Aetna Student Health website during fall and spring open enrollment. Read the dental plan FAQs for more information about the dental insurance plan. Spring open enrollment is December 4, 2023 – February 15, 2024.

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2023-2024 Plan At-A-Glance

Plan Dates: August 16, 2023– August 15, 2024
Plan Type: PPO
Deductible: $200 (in-network)
Coinsurance: 20% (in-network)
Specialist Referral Required: No
Prescriptions (30 day): $15/$40 /$75 co-pay

Plan Documents

Select documents to learn about the 23-24 plan. Questions? Contact the plan’s Customer Service or the Student Health Insurance Office. Insurance term definitions are in the glossary.

Domestic Students

Eligible domestic students can enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan during Open Enrollment periods. Pay the premium and enroll online through the insurance plan website. Enroll and pay premiums for eligible dependents online also. Visit Domestic Students webpage for more information about eligibility and open enrollment.

Premium – Domestic Student

Annual Premium

Coverage 8/16/23-8/15/24
Cost $3,324

Domestic students & dependents of enrolled students can enroll online during open enrollment: July 26 – September 15, 2023. Annual premium can be paid in two installments.

Spring/Summer Premium

Coverage 1/1/24-8/15/24
Cost $2,093

Domestic students and dependents of enrolled students can enroll online during open enrollment: December 4, 2023 – February 15, 2024.

Summer Premium

Coverage 5/16/24-8/15/24
Cost $880

Domestic students and dependents of enrolled students can enroll online during open enrollment: April 8 – June 15, 2024.

International Students

All F-1 and J-1 visa students are automatically enrolled into the Mason Student Health Insurance Plan because they are required by Federal law and University Policy #6002 to have adequate health insurance. F-1 and J-1 visa students pay the premium through their Patriot Web account. Students on any other visa type should refer to the information for Domestic Students.

For the fall semester, an international student is charged the “Fall” premium. In the spring, the student is charged with the “Spring/Summer” premium. Any student new to the University in the summer, contact the Insurance Office for fee information and enrollment.

Visit International Students webpage for more information about health insurance requirements, health insurance waivers, and payment dates.

Premium – International Student

Fall Premium

Coverage 8/16/23-12/31/23
Cost $1,261

International students pay the premium on your Patriot Web account.

Summer Premium

Coverage 5/16/24-8/15/24
Cost $880

Enrollment only for new international students in summer. Contact the Insurance Office.

Enrollment information for Dependents, INTO students & J-1 Visiting Scholars

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the student health insurance. Including “what if I already have health insurance?“, “how do I get a health insurance card?” and more. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact the Insurance Office.