Immunization Office Announcement

Students are expected to submit vaccination records by the deadline, which was extended to August 10, 2020, because of the importance of vaccination for the health of our community.

Late fees will be applied and a hold will be placed on a student account for students whose records are still incomplete on October 1, 2020.

Beginning October 1, 2020, Student Health will resume charging for transcription service. Visit the Immunization Appointments & Transcription webpage for details.

{Updated September 24, 2020}

What if I am only taking online classes?

Notification of Incomplete Records

We recommend you submit your Immunization Record Form early. Submitting records early allows students additional time to obtain necessary vaccinations or locate information if your records are not complete or the Immunization Office has questions about the information received.

The Immunization Office will review immunization records. A student whose records are not complete will receive an email to their Mason email account. The email will direct the student to log into the Patient Portal to get information about missing requirements. Check your junk/spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

Students can log into the Patient Portal after submitting records to the Immunization Office to check their record status. Select the “Messages” tab in the Portal navigation bar. If the status is incomplete, subject line will be “Incomplete” and the message will explain what requirement is missing or needs to be updated.  After you submit the required documentation, check the portal again for your updated record status.

Missing or Incomplete Documentation

If you are missing any required immunizations or documentation, or your dates are inconsistent with mandated requirements, you may receive immunizations or titers:

  • At another healthcare facility in the United States
  • At Mason’s Student Health clinic
  • In your home country (please provide your healthcare professional with the Mason Immunization Record Form)

Do I need to resubmit or turn in multiple Immunization Record Forms if I am missing one or two requirements?

Late Fee and Account Holds

If immunization records or documentation is incomplete after the deadline, students will be assessed a $50 late fee. To ensure the Immunization Office staff have time to process records and students can get missing requirements, the late fee is applied the first day of classes for the semester.

If immunization records or documentation is still incomplete after October 1 for those admitted for summer/fall semesters or March 1 for those admitted for spring semester, a hold will be placed on your Patriot Web account.  This hold will prevent you from registering for future classes and can possibly have future Visa issues for international students. The hold will be lifted once you are fully compliant with your immunizations and the late fee has been paid.

Note: Students whose records were due prior to October 1, 2016 will have a $25 late fee.

Late Fee Payment and Account Holds Removal

You can pay your late fee online. Do not pay the late fee at Student Accounts. Immunization holds will be removed once records are complete and payment is reflected.

If you are making a payment online, allow 24 – 48 business hours for your payment to reflect in our system. Student account holds can only be removed during regular hours Monday-Friday. Payments made after 4:30pm will be processed the next business day. Payments will not be processed on holidays, weekends, or any day the university is closed.

Immunization records must be completed and late fee paid before account holds will be removed.

Immunization Late Fee Appeals

If you believe there are extenuating circumstances that prevented you from submitting completed records on-time, you may submit an appeal for the Immunization Late Fee once all of your immunization records are completed and submitted using our online form only.  For late fees placed in October the appeal submission deadline is November 1st of the same semester. For late fees placed in January, the appeal submission deadline is March 1st of the same semester.