Student Health Services provides diagnosis and treatment of illness and minor injuries and health and wellness counseling. All currently enrolled Mason students are eligible to receive confidential health care. Services by appointment only; call 703-993-2831 to schedule. Virtual video telehealth and in-person appointments are available. If Student Health is closed, follow phone prompts to speak with the free nurse advice service about a health concern. Learn more about appointments.

Our doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses have experience treating students for a variety of health concerns. We offer COVID-19 services, lab testing, physical exams, and health counseling.

There is no cost to be seen by a health care provider. There are fees for supplies, immunizations, medications, lab tests, certain procedures and some services. Ask your provider about any cost for care.

Prescriptions can be filled at a local pharmacy. Student Health may refer a student to a specialist healthcare provider in the community when the care needed goes beyond the scope of our practice.

Acute & primary care appointments

Call Student Health (703-993-2831) during our open hours to schedule an appointment.

If you are experiencing illness, have symptoms, or a health concern, you will speak with a nurse who will evaluate your concern, give advice or schedule an appointment as needed. There are often same-day appointments available for those with acute care needs.

For routine or primary care appointments, scheduling an appointment is beneficial because you can plan around class or other activities.

It may not be possible to address many different concerns adequately at one visit. You may need to schedule separate appointments for different needs.

Where to seek emergency or urgent care

Student Health does not offer emergency services. Call 911 if you are having an immediate or life threatening emergency.

The 911 Emergency Rescue system can be called at any time to give on-site treatment. They can also take you to local hospitals in the event of serious injury or illness. The patient is responsible for paying all charges of emergency transportation and medical treatment – including transportation and treatment for injuries occurring on campus.

Click for a list of local urgent and emergent care resources.

If Student Health is closed

Students are able to get advice from the free nurse advice phone service. Call 703-993-2831 and follow the phone prompts. Notice: the after-hours nurse advice service is provided by CareNet Health. Student Health Services is not responsible for advice given by CareNet Health.

Need assistance and Student Health is closed? Click for a list of local resources.