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There is no charge to be seen by one of our healthcare providers. There are fees (costs) for lab tests, immunizations, medications, procedures, physicals, supplies, and some office visits. These are some common fees; this is not a complete list of all fees. Patients should ask about any fees for services.

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Fees updated July 2023. All fees are subject to change. 

Immunization Fees

Faculty/staff are charged an additional injection fee for immunizations. All fees are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the patient to ask about any fees.
ImmunizationCostOther Info
Flu (staff) Vaccine$30
Flu (student) Vaccine$30
Gardasil 9 (HPV) Vaccine$330, cost per dose3 doses
Hepatitis A Vaccine$85, cost per dose2 doses
Hepatitis B (Heplisav-B) Vaccine$120, cost per dose2 doses
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine$105, cost per dose2 doses
Meningococcal (ACWY) Vaccine$180
TD (Tetanus/Diphtheria) Vaccine$60
Tdap (Tetanus/Diphtheria & Pertussis) Vaccine$60
Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B) Vaccine$120, cost per dose3 doses
Hepatitis A Titer$40Lab test
Hepatitis B Titer$40Lab test
MMR Titer$55Lab test
Varicella Titer$55Lab test
TB Blood Test$75Lab test
Tuberculin Skin Test (TB Test)$75Cost per single test
Faculty/Staff Injection Fee$20Additional charge
Transcription Service for Immunization Records Fee$20
Immunization Late Fee$50
Immunization Late Fee (prior to fall 2016)$25

Lab Testing Fees

Costs for Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), In-House, and outside lab (LabCorp or Health Dept.) testing. An additional lab processing fee ($25) is charged for all tests sent to an outside lab. For titer costs, please see Immunization Fees.
NameCategoryLab ProcessingCost
CBC (Complete Blood Count)Lab testLabCorp$10
Chlamydia (urethral, cervical, throat, rectal swabs)STI testingOutside Lab$15 each swab
Chlamydia and /or Gonorrhea, HIV and SyphilisSTI testingOutside Lab$35
Chlamydia in the genitalia (urine test)STI testingOutside Lab$15
Covid-19Lab testOutside LabNo out-of-pocket cost
CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel)Lab testLabCorp$10
Executive ProfileLab testLabCorp$35
GlucoseLab testIn House$5
Gonorrhea (urethral, cervical, throat, rectal swabs)STI testingOutside lab$15 each swab
Gonorrhea in the genitalia (urine test)STI testingOutside Lab$15
Hemoglobin and HematocritLab testIn House$10
HepBAb QuantitativeLab testLabCorp$15
HIV (blood test)STI testingFairfax County Health Dept.$10
HIV and Syphilis (blood test)STI testingFairfax County Health Dept. (Fairfax Clinic only)$20
HIV - ChemBio HIV 1/2 Stat Pak Assay (fingerstick)STI testingIn House$0
InfluenzaLab testIn House$20
Iron Deficiency ProfileLab testLabCorp$20
KOH DermLab testIn House$10
Lab Processing FeeOutside Lab processing chargeFor all tests sent to an outside lab$25
Lipid PanelLab testLabCorp$15
Liver FunctionLab testLabCorp$20
MonoLab testLabCorp$10
Occult BloodLab testIn House$5
Pregnancy TestLab testIn House$10
Rapid Flu Test A&BLab testIn House$20
Respiratory CultureLab testLabCorp$30
Stool CultureLab testLabCorp$50
Strep TestLab testIn House$10
Syphilis (blood test)STI testingIn House$15
Throat CultureLab testLabCorp$15
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)Lab testLabCorp$10
Trichomonos (swab)STI testingIn House$40
TSH with free T4Lab testLabCorp$30
Urine Analysis TestLab test In House $10
Urine Culture (routine)Lab testLabCorp$25
Wet Mount (swab screening for yeast, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonos)STI testingIn House$10
Wound CultureLab testLabCorp$35

Procedures, Supplies and Administrative Fees

Arm Sling (standard)Supplies$8
Peak Flow MeterSupplies$20
Ear LavageProcedure$10
Physical ExamProcedure$60
Sport or Nursing PhysicalProcedure$30
Pap testProcedure$30
HPV/DNA ScreeningProcedure$45
Wart TreatmentProcedure$20
Emergency ContraceptionMedication$10
No Show FeeFee$20
Employee/Visitor Office Visit FeeFee$50
Injection fee (does not include medication cost)Fee$20
Transcription - Immunization RecordsFee$20
Medical Records over 5 pagesMedical Records$5 processing fee + Additional .02¢ charge for each page after 5 pages. Max charge of $20.
Subpoena (paper)Medical Records$20 processing fee + $.50 per page for first 50 pages, $.25 after 50 pages
Subpoena (electronic)Medical Records$20 processing fee + $.35 per page for first 50 pages, $.15 after 50 pages
Immunization RecordsMedical Records$0

Allergy and Travel Clinic Fees

Prices for travel clinic do not include cost of immunizations, additional fees apply.
Shots (students)Allergy Clinic$20 per visit
Fall/Spring Semester pre-paymentAllergy Clinic$200
Summer Semester pre-paymentAllergy Clinic$150
Student Office Visit FeeTravel Clinic$20
Employee Office Visit FeeTravel Clinic$50

Billing policy

Patients are required to read, and acknowledge understanding of, the Billing Policy by either electronically through self check-in computers or manually signing a paper encounter form.


Lab Processing Fee

A Laboratory Processing Fee is added to all tests sent to LabCorp or the Fairfax County Health Department for processing and handling of lab specimens. This fee is not for the testing. The Laboratory Processing Fee is not usually covered by insurance.


No Show Fee

A No-Show fee is assessed if a patient misses their Student Health Services appointment and/or does not cancel the appointment at least 4 hours prior to the appointment time. Cancelling your appointment with enough notice allows this time to be made available to another patient.