There are fees for lab tests, medications, procedures, physicals, supplies, and some office visits.

All fees are subject to change. This is not a complete list of all possible fees, these are some common fees. It is the responsibility of the patient to ask about any fees.

Payment is due at time of service. Student Health is cashless. Payment can be made via check, Visa, MasterCard and Mason Money. Students are able to add funds to their Mason Money account at one of the stations on campus. The Mason Card Office website lists station locations.

Fees updated on July 7, 2016
Procedures, Supplies, Exams

Arm Sling: $10
Crutches: $30
Ear Lavage: $10
EKG: $40
Physical Exam: $60
Pap Test: $65
HPV/DNA screening: $65
Wart Treatment: $20
No-Show Fee: $10 (*Beginning September 1, 2016 the fee will increase to $20)
Injection Fee: $20 (does not include cost of medication)
Examples of injected medications include Depo-Provera, Testosterone

Allergy Clinic

Shots (students): $20 per visit
Shots (employees): $30 per visit
Fall/Spring Semester: $200
Summer semester: $150

Travel Clinic

Office Visit Fee (students): $20
Office Visit Fee (employees): $50
Price does not include cost of immunizations, additional fees apply

STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Testing

OraQuick HIV (cheek swab): Free
HIV (blood test):  $10 Arlington and SciTech clinics
HIV and/or Syphilis (blood test): $10 Fairfax clinic, sent to Fairfax County Health Dept.
Syphilis (blood test): $10 Arlington and SciTech clinics
Chlamydia in the genitalia (urine test): $15
Gonorrhea in the genitalia (urine test): $15
Chlamydia (urethral, cervical, throat, rectal swabs): each swab $15
Gonorrhea (urethral, cervical, throat, rectal swabs): each swab $15
Chlamydia and /or Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphilis: $40 Fairfax clinic, sent to Fairfax County Health Dept.
Wet mount (swab screening for yeast, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomonos): $10
Trichomonos test (swab): $15

No Lab Processing Fee for all the above listed STI tests.

Additional STI testing may be ordered by your healthcare provider, additional fees may be incurred. Ask your provider about any fees.


Faculty/Staff: $20 additional fee for immunizations/injections

Flu (students): $20
Flu (staff): $25
Gardasil 9 (HPV) 3 doses: $200 each dose
Hepatitis A, 2 doses: $45 each dose
Hepatitis B, 3 doses: $55 each dose
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 2 doses: $75 each dose
Meningococcal: $120
Td (Tetanus & Diphtheria): $40
Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis):$50
Twinrix (Hep. A & Hep. B), 3 doses: $75 each dose
Varicella (chicken pox), 2 doses: $130 each dose

Titers & TB Tests

An additional Lab Processing Fee will be charged for all Titers sent to an outside lab: $25
Hepatitis A Titer: $15
Hepatitis B Titer: $15
MMR Titer: $30
Mumps Titer: $10
Rubella Titer: $10
Rubeola Titer: $10
TB Blood Test: $70
Tuberculin skin test: $20 each
Varicella Titer: $20

Depending upon test results, additional testing may be required, therefore additional fees may be incurred.


Emergency Contraception: $25

Student Health Services will close its Pharmacy starting October 3, 2015. We will no longer dispense or fill prescriptions. Click for More Details 

Medical Records

Medical Records: $10 processing fee + .50¢ for each page up to 50 pages, .25¢ per page after that. Allow at least 15 business days to process
Medical Records (archived charts): $20 processing fee + .50¢ for each page up to 50 pages, .25¢ per page after that. Allow at least 15 business days to process
Subpoena: $30
Immunization Records: Free; available immediately
Late Fee, Immunization Record starting fall 2016: $50
Late Fee, Immunization Record prior to fall 2016: $25

Lab Testing, In House

Glucose: $5
Hemoglobin & Hematocrit: $10
Influenza: $20
KOH Derm: $10
Mono: $10
Occult Blood: $5
OraQuick HIV: $0 Free
Pregnancy Test: $10
Strep Test: $10
Urine Analysis Test: $10

Lab Testing, LabCorp

An additional Lab Processing Fee will be charged for all tests sent to an outside lab: $25
CBC, Complete Blood Count: $10
CMP, Complete Metabolic Panel: $10
Executive Profile: $35
Liver Function: $20
HepBAb Quantitative: $15
Iron Deficiency Profile: $20
Lipid Panel: $15
Respiratory Culture: $30
Stool Culture: $50
Throat Culture: $15
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, TSH: $10
TSH with free T4: $30
Urine Culture: $40
Wound Culture: $35