Student Health Services is responsible for collecting and maintaining students’ immunization records. Virginia state law and George Mason University policy requires all students to be immunized according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Students can schedule an appointment to receive immunizations at SHS.

SHS offers a travel clinic for students, faculty, and staff who may need immunizations before traveling.  There are nominal fees for immunizations.

Required Immunizations

As a student registered for classes at George Mason University, you must be fully compliant with Mason’s and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s immunization requirements.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet immunization requirements at home and return the necessary forms as soon as possible. As the transition to the beginning of the semester can be a hectic experience, we recommend turning in necessary forms early. There can always the possibility if you send the forms to school with your student, they might be misplaced, forgotten, or lost.

Students can receive required immunizations with Student Health Services, your local health department, or your personal healthcare provider.

Immunization Record Deadlines

October 1: Incoming Summer/Fall student deadline

March 1: Incoming Spring student deadline

How to Submit Immunization Records

Mail, fax, email*, or drop-off immunization records and forms to the Immunization Office. Please include your G number on all pages.

If you need to drop off your records at Student Health after-hours there is a drop box next to the Immunization Office in SUB I.

Drop Box Instructions: Place record forms in an envelope, clearly print your name and G# on all forms and envelope.

All students are responsible for ensuring that their records are complete. To verify that your records are complete, you may email or stop by the Immunization Office. If records are incomplete, you may be charged the immunization late fee after the appropriate deadline.

*Please note that email is not a secure form of communication.

Immunization Appointments

All required vaccines are available by appointment at Student Health Services for a fee.

The immunization staff will schedule appointments for students only after records have been reviewed and missing vaccines have been determined.

Contact the Immunization Office (703-993-2135 or after you submit your immunization records to the Immunization Office to find out if any vaccinations are required and schedule your immunization appointment if necessary.


Immunization Records are due by March 1, 2014  for incoming spring students.

Immunization records turned in after March 1st will be subject to the $25 late fee and account hold. 

Contact our Immunization Office if you have questions. 

Immunization Office

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:30- 4:30 pm, Friday: 12:30 - 4:30 pm

Phone: 703-993-2135


Address: Student Union Building I (SUB I), Rooms 2347 & 2348

4400 University Drive, MS 2D3, Fairfax VA 22030

FAX: 703-993-4053

Immunization Forms

Immunization Fees

Immunization Record informational video