How do I know if my immunization records are complete?

Log into the Patient Portal to check the status of your submitted form and records. The status will be updated after the Immunization Record Form or documentation is submitted and processed– typically within 48 business hours, however, it may take longer based on the volume of submissions.

Two ways to check your status:

  • Select ‘Messages’ from the Patient Portal navigation menu to read the message about your record status.  The message subject line will be “Complete” or “Incomplete”. If the status is complete, you are done. If the status is incomplete, the message will explain what requirement is missing or needs to be updated.  An email is also sent to the student’s Mason email account. The email will direct you to log into the Patient Portal. Check your junk/spam folder if you do not see a message in your inbox.
  • You can also select “Immunizations – “View History” from the navigation menu. A message will state “Overall Status – Verified” once your immunizations are complete. If you have not met a requirement, then the vaccine will be listed under Missing Immunization. Vaccines will appear in the ‘Item on File’ section.

After you submit the required documentation, check the portal again for your updated record status.