When can I expect to get a vaccine after reaching the U.S. if I have not been vaccinated or have not gotten a FDA or WHO-authorized vaccine?

Those who cannot get an authorized vaccine before arriving in the U.S. should follow the steps below:

  • Follow safety protocols for those who are not fully vaccinated.
  • Sign up for a vaccination appointment at Mason or at a location near you via vaccines.gov as soon as possible after your quarantine period is over. Details regarding scheduling a vaccination at Mason will be available when you arrive at Mason. There is no cost for COVID vaccines in the U.S and you do not need to be a citizen to get vaccinated.
  • Once you receive your vaccination, upload your proof of vaccination to the Health Services Patient Portal. For 2-dose series, upload proof of both the 1st and 2nd doses as soon as possible after getting each dose.

International students are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated with a WHO-authorized COVID vaccine before coming to Mason. This will help provide protection against the virus during travel and you will meet the requirement.