Immunization records are due August 26, 2019 for all newly admitted students or newly re-admitted students for summer/fall 2019.  Upload to the patient portal, mail, or drop off your Immunization Record Form and supporting documentation to the Immunization Office. We recommend turning your forms in early to ensure they are complete. Details about required immunizations can be found on our Immunizations webpage.

Students should fill out Parts 1, 2 (if applicable), and 3 of the the Immunization Record Form and have a healthcare provider fill out the remaining parts.

Immunization records that are incomplete will be subject to a $50 late fee and an account hold will be placed on the student’s Patriot Web account.

Questions? Contact the Immunization Office

Stop by the Office: SUB 1, room 2347

Email: (questions only)

Phone: 703-993-2135