Unplanned pregnancy

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s very important to give yourself time; time to process your feelings, reflect upon your values, identify support systems, and evaluate all of your options. Family issues, religious values, cultural influences and life goals are often very influential.

There will be changes in your life, no matter what decision you make. There are physical, emotional, social and moral issues to consider that accompany each option.

Ultimately, this will be your decision to make, and you will choose one of three options:

  • you can choose to have the baby and raise the child
  • you can choose to have the baby and place the baby for adoption
  • you can choose to terminate the pregnancy

Please remember that you are not alone. Many counseling and referral services are available on campus and locally.

While you are deciding what choice is right for you, take good care of yourself.

Eat nutritious food, take a multi-vitamin with folic acid, stay active, get plenty of sleep, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and do not take any drugs or medications without checking with your healthcare provider. If you have health insurance, you may want to contact your health insurance provider regarding your benefits.

If counseling services would be of value to you, there are many options. Professionals in Student Health Services  and in Counseling and Psychological Services  can assist you here on campus. They can also help you find care off campus. Additionally, Student Health Services has many referrals available for OB-GYN groups in the area.

Your local health department may also assist with prenatal and child care. Fairfax County’s Office for Children (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/ofc) offers financial assistance for child care to women who are going to school or working. Planned Parenthood (http://www.plannedparenthood.org/) provides counseling and a variety of services.

The Washington metropolitan area has a wide variety of organizations with and without religious affiliations that are eager to assist women who would like to raise their child as well as those who are considering putting their child up for adoption. They can offer confidential support, community and medical referrals, and support for individualized physical, spiritual, emotional, and material needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Student Health Services.

A list of local resources is available on our pregnancy webpage.  We recommend you research and ask questions regarding assistance options to find the right resources for you.