New, Graduating, & Distance Education Students

New Students

Welcome to Mason, we are so glad that you are here! Student Health Services is here to help Mason students with health concerns they may have. We have a few suggestions to help your transition to Mason whether you are an incoming freshman, transfer or graduate student. Click to read more

  • Long-term or Chronic Health Concerns: If you see a healthcare provider for an ongoing health concern, please schedule an appointment with one of our Student Health Services providers to see how we can help you stay healthy at Mason.
  • Confidentiality: Care at Student Health is confidential.
  • Immunizations: Submit your complete Immunization Record Form by the deadline. This is required for all new incoming students.
  • Health Insurance: Carry your health insurance card and understand how your insurance plan works.
    • We do not bill insurance at Student Health, but you may want to use it for lab work or at another healthcare facility.
    • If you need health insurance, you may be able to purchase the student health insurance plan.
  • Medications: Bring your medications and prescriptions with you if you live on campus. Know the names of your medicines and understand what each of your medications are for.
  • Well-being: Student Health can help you learn how to manage your health care and how to make healthy life choices.
  • Glasses: Do not forget to bring your glasses as well as your contact lenses.
  • Allergy Clinic:  If you currently receive allergy shots, you may be able to continue this service at the Fairfax clinic.

Want more information? Read our New Student Tips.

Are you an incoming international student? Or is the health care system in the United States new to you? Read our International Student Tips.

Online Learner & Distance Education Students

Student Health offers resources to assist those students studying online or at a distance. Click to read more

  • Student Health Services: When you do plan to be on campus, you can utilize the on-campus health care services provided by Student Health at each of the three campuses. There is no charge to be seen by a provider and there are nominal fees for labs, tests, or other services.
  • Student Health At-a-Distance: You may call Student Health (703-993-2831) to speak with a nurse during or after-hours. Student Health offers an after-hours advice nurse service to students. Comments about your experience with Student Health may be sent to from your Mason email address or use the online feedback form.
  • Immunizations: For assistance with the immunization form, please review the immunization instructions on our website. Be aware that immunization requirements are waived for students not taking any classes on campus. Contact the Immunization Office with any questions.
  • Aetna Student Health Insurance: Domestic students are able to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan if they meet the eligibility criteria during Open Enrollment. Students with questions about the insurance plan can contact the Insurance Office.
  • Online Resources: Take advantage of the many resources we have on our website including:

Graduating Students

Congratulations to all Mason Graduates! Please take the time to review this important information about your health care before you graduate. Click to read more

  • Student Health Services: You may continue to receive health care from your provider at Student Health Services until the end of the month in which you graduate.
  • Medical records: Request a copy of your Student Health Medical Records to take to your new healthcare provider.
  • Prescriptions:  Request copies of your current prescriptions or requests for any refills.
  • Long-term or Chronic Health Concerns: Student Health Services can provide referrals for primary care or specialists in the local area to provide health care after you graduate.
  • Traveling Abroad: If you are traveling abroad, make an appointment with our Travel Clinic before you graduate and before your trip.
  • Allergy Shots: You may receive allergy shots until the end of the month in which you graduate. After your final injections at Student Health please pick-up your serum and make arrangements for continued care.
  • Aetna Student Health Insurance: If you are currently on the Aetna Student Health Insurance, your insurance will terminate by the end of the health insurance term for either fall or spring. To help you find a doctor who accepts this insurance, try the Aetna Doctor Finder tool.
  • Health Insurance: Explore resources for  health insurance coverage that best suits your needs.