Patient Rights

The Patient has a RIGHT to:

  • Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Professional and courteous care without discrimination.
  • Know the name and title of those individuals involved in his/her care.
  • Privacy and confidentiality regarding medical care.
  • Approve or refuse release of medical records, except when required by law or in a medical emergency.
  • Expect records to be kept confidential as required by law.
  • Request communication in a language that improves understanding.
  • Be informed about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms that can be understood.
  • Receive information about procedures and treatments including length, risks, benefits, cost and alternatives to facilitate participation in care decisions.
  • Know the fees for in house laboratory tests, procedures, treatments and services that are rendered at SHS.
  • Refuse a treatment or plan of care to the extent permitted by law and be notified of medical consequences of that decision.
  • A second medical opinion and appropriate referral.
  • Consent or decline participation in research after being fully informed.
  • Receive information and related forms regarding Advanced Directives.
  • Express suggestions and concerns in an appropriate manner.

The Patient has a RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Be respectful and act in a considerate and cooperative manner.
  • Provide accurate information to assist the provider in compiling a complete medical record.
  • Ask questions and seek clarification regarding medical care.
  • Follow instructions of a treatment plan and convey problems that interfere with compliance.
  • Arrive as scheduled for appointments and, if necessary, call to cancel an appointment in a timely manner.
  • Comply with posted rules and regulations within Student Health Services.
  • Pay any charges billed.