Who is eligible to be seen at Student Health?

Eligibility for Students

All currently enrolled students are eligible to receive healthcare at our facilities.

Upon graduation, students may be seen in Student Health Services (SHS) until the end of the month in which they graduate.

Eligibility for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff with health concerns are advised to see their health care provider. However if a staff/ faculty member has an acute illness requiring immediate attention, s/he will be seen at Student Health Services. Follow-up care should be provided by the faculty/staff’s health care provider in the community. There will be a $50 charge for the visit in addition to the fees for any lab tests or procedures. Any exceptions have to be approved by the Executive Director of SHS.

Faculty and staff who are medically required to receive blood pressure checks may do so at no charge at SHS. Please contact SHS (703-993-2831) for more information.

Faculty and staff are eligible to use the Allergy Clinic services, Travel Clinic services, and Immunization Clinic services. Please see the list of associated fees for services.

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