What if I need medical care and Student Health is closed?

If Student Health Services is closed and you have a medical emergency, you may contact our free after-hours nurse advice line (703-993-2831), your primary care provider, an emergency room, urgent care facility, or call 911.

If you are experiencing an immediate or life threatening emergency call 911.

If you have the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, you can locate a provider using the Find a Doctor search tool (“DocFind”). In the “Search For” drop down menu, select the type of medical facility you are looking for (Urgent Care Facility, Walk-In Clinic, Primary Care, Hospital).  Enter the Zip Code nearest to your location. Select Plan: “Student Health Plans”. A list of care facilities will be displayed.

To avoid the Aetna Student Health Insurance Emergency Room Co-pay, look for an urgent care facility that is not a full service hospital emergency room.

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